The 3LEMENTS EP is here...

Today's trembling world, a brilliant cacophonous symphony of hyperstimulation, shifting winds and the ever intensifying throbbing pendulum of love and fear, calls more than ever for an urgent injection of spirit and a defibrillation of the mind.

As we gradually coalesce into one with each step into the future, it becomes more and more obvious that we must explore the mysterious and vital world of "inner" space-- the galaxies within each and every one of us-- and become captains of our own destinies.

This concept EP peels through these layers by using a selection of various "elemental" energies drawn from imagery of our tangible external world-- of outer space primarily-- to shine a mirror into the world within all: a reflection of the world without. The emergent universe of sound guides you through a passage to face your life from all angles-- at once glorious and yet equally haunting. A monumental task indeed-- and yet, 3LEMENTS is but a breath in an enduring cycle, not unlike the way our lives are but a glimpse in the vastness of the infinite.

This is our moment, the time is now-- how shall we shape it?